long run short run production

Long Run and Short Run Production – Just The Amount You Need!

Admittedly, like just about everyone else, we would prefer long run over short run production: We know that this just doesn’t meet the needs of every customer. Since we also know that successful short run production often times lead to long run production over time, we are willing to take on whatever needs our customers may have. Be assured that short run production is just as important to us as it is to you. Our world class policy is to “prove out” single piece or service parts just like large production runs.

Our production lot sizes, whether for metal fabrication or machining, typically vary anywhere from 5 piece lots to several hundred, depending on the size and weight of the part. Just like everything else at Seaberg Industries, we are in complete control, providing our customers with the delivery times that they require. In this case, our ERP system (Visual Manufacturing), is set to make sure this happens consistently.

Here’s how it works: We release quantities into production and set up the ERP system to grab a 21 day lot of parts. For example, if we are going administer 17 runs of a production part in a year, a 21-day lot will allow us to manage the inventory in order to deliver on time.

Then you might ask, “What if production runs are volatile and don’t have a regular schedule or the schedule changes?” Don’t worry, we got you covered! We use a “buffering” system that not only creates protection for us and our promises, but also for you!

With the assistance of our ERP system, what we are able to do is manufacture and ship, both to inventory, not to the “work order” itself. So the lead time we have on the parts for our customers’ long run or short run production runs isn’t necessarily based on what it takes to “get material” for that particular run. Based on our individual customer needs, we assign the right number of days that enables us to ship from inventory… with a safety margin.

By managing inventory, this “buffering” or planning ahead of allows us to hit our outstanding delivery performance goals for our customers. This all might sound a bit complicated, but it’s not for us. For both metal fabrication and machining, we have been doing this for years and it’s engrained in our culture.

At Seaberg Industries, we GUARANTEE that you will not only get the quality and service you deserve, but the right number of parts, whatever that may be. Call us today and find out how working with a company with both long run and short run production procedures in place makes your life easier!

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