Precision Metal Fabrication

Precision Metal Fabrication – Built To Last!

Precision Metal FabricatingAs a Precision Metal Fabricator, Seaberg Industries cuts, bends, forms and assembles precision metal parts into specialized finished components to our customer specifications.  The cutting process may include laser cutting, sawing or plasma cutting.  We use additional equipment like press brakes and straightening presses.

For our operators, education is a highly important aspect of their training due to the required math skills to properly utilize the equipment.  Since fabrication is often a manual process, operators require critical thinking skills to make any adjustments to things including set up, tooling and die clearances.  All of our operators have those skills.

Precision Metal FabricationWith precision sheet metal fabrication, our customers’ substantially benefit from our experience since we have invested heavily over the last decade to create a “proprietary die system” that uses high quality dies which reduce the natural twists and variation in parts that occur in the through the bending and forming processes.

During the precision metal fabrication process a highly important operation is our welding process.  You can learn more about welding here. Whether precision welding, deep penetration welding or multi-pass welding, all governed by the Welding Procedure Specification or WPS.

In our case, we also use “robotic welding” which is a great way to control the precision metal fabrication process in order to maintain repeatability for our customers.  In addition, we use precision ground tooling on our presses for maximum repeatability.  “High speed machining” also is a great capability that adds to our precision sheet metal fabrication expertise.


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